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  • For the safety of your home and family, we analyze your entire system, cleaning, tightening, checking connections, and burner operation. By going that extra step, our team of certified technicians restores your heating equipment to peak efficiency and ensures long-lasting, trouble-free comfort. A properly maintained furnace can last as long as twenty years. Consider a maintenance agreement from Schomberg Sheet Metal to safeguard your heating system and enjoy maximum comfort for your heating dollar. When you utilize a maintenance agreement, you will be able to enjoy thermal comfort when you need it most. Our technicians are highly skilled and will be able to see potential problems before they occur. There is nothing worse than a broken furnace on the coldest day of the year. Our maintenance program will help to prevent the need for repairs..

    • During the tune up process we check for the followings...

                  Thermostat operation
                  Furnace ignition system
                  Proper combustion
                  Blower operation
                  Area around furnace for hazards
                  And replace filters and clean electrostatic filters
                  Exhaust vent system
                  Ductwork for leaks and accumulations of dust and debris
                  Supply air system
                  Carbon Monoxide detectors

    During our 10-point furnace check, your Residential Heating & Air Conditioning technician will make any needed adjustments, and will lubricate moving parts. Then, he’ll thoroughly clean your furnace’s burners, blower motor, and flame sensor to help assure proper operation and maximum efficiency. If any other problems are spotted, the technician will discuss these with you and discuss the cost any needed repairs in advance. Most repairs can be made on the spot, at the time of the inspection and tune-up.

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Enercare Fernace Price Match - Lennox, Goodman, Daikin Furnace Repair

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